Joe Forte Sporting Life

Joe when you opened the shop, back in 1985 you said, “Sport is my life”.

Is it still the case?

“Very much so, as in that time it’s become my livelihood as well as my passion.”

You must’ve seen incredible changes in sports apparel and equipment in the last thirty years? What do you think the biggest of these has been and why?

“Once football boots just had to be a good fit and you could have them in any colour at all provided it was black! These days they’re rainbow-coloured, and incredibly engineered and designed and, thanks to player endorsements and global media coverage, consumers know instantly the latest style and trend.”

What’s your earliest sporting memory?

“My Dad taking me to Easter Road when I was five. It was Hibs v Motherwell, but don’t ask me the score!”

And your best one?

“Winning the Dunfermline half marathon.”

And which one would you like to wipe away if only you could?

“Being released by Hibs aged eighteen.”

And the funniest?

“Falling flat on my face while trying to hurdle a gate in a cross country race in Hawick, and watching all my club mates run over the top of me!”

When asked which words make him happy the jockey Frankie Dettori replied, hearing the words “weighed in” said to him. What words in sport make you happy?

“Hearing someone say, “Brilliant Performance””

What’s your most treasured sporting memento?

“My certificate for completing the West Highland Way Race.”

Most sports people are superstitious; did you ever have any sporting rituals?

“As someone who sells them I shouldn’t say this, but running races without socks!”

And finally what’s the most important lesson sport’s taught you?

“To respect anyone who has a go at any sport.”